AI Solutions

AI has been advancing very rapidly over the last five years or so due to the convergence of massive computing power, big data approaches, cloud computing, and open source. These factors have accelerated machine learning capabilities (both supervised and unsupervised) which, in turn, have fueled advancements in other technologies in the AI family. AI has began to gain its importance in all the fields like insurance, health, communications etc.

Chatbots are one of the most talked about technologies, and also an area of great experimentation and potential, are chatbots. Insurers’ interest stems from the fact that improving the customer experience is a high priority, and chatbots can be deployed for a wide variety of use cases across marketing, sales, and service.

With myEinstein platform services, Trailblazers can build smarter, more predictive apps that leverage their Salesforce data and solve their specific business challenges. Now everyone can have AI that’s customised for their business, without needing a data scientist.

AI in Salesforce

  • Coach Sales Reps with Salescloud Einstein.
  • Assist Service Agents with Service cloud Einstein
  • Advice retailers with commerce cloud Einstein
  • Guide Marketers with Marketing cloud Einstein

Salesforce Chatbots

The strategic approach taken by Salesforce is to integrate the business process directly into chatbots and allow for seamless escalation and handoff to humans. Chatbots can be used to collect information upfront in a customer interaction.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is AI for Salesforce, and it’s built right into the platform. We can now empower a company’s sales, service, marketing, and IT professionals to be their best by making every customer interaction faster, smarter, and more


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    ENGINEERING SQUARE is a Salesforce Consulting and Implementation company with operations in both USA and INDIA. We are a team of talented and Certified Salesforce Professionals having multi-functional, multi- industry experience.

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