Our client is a patient-focused, results-driven pharmaceutical company with an amazing mission — developing life-saving therapies for patients with rare diseases.

Drug trials can be exhausting, stressful experiences for patients and their families.

The client wanted to create a system capable of delivering the best possible experience for patients and their families during a life-saving drug trial. For answers, they turned to the healthcare experts at Penrod.


Because of the client’s complex, multifaceted development process, data was often stored in disparate systems, making it impossible to achieve the ideal system they had envisioned.

The team needed a centralized system to house patient information, release forms, notes, and deliver the best possible experience to patients throughout their entire journey.

The Solution

SalesFORCE HEALTH CLOUD for centralized data

Penrod and the client worked together to envision a centralized platform that, in conjunction with its healthcare partners, would work seamlessly to:

  • Identify patients in need of life-saving treatments for rare diseases
  • Verify patient eligibility
  • Intake the patient at the ideal provider
  • Coordinate appointments and patient travel
  • Automate communications
  • Recommend activities for families
  • Serve as a source-of-truth for all information related to the patient

Penrod discussed the client’s development process as well as its patient journeys. We eventually recommended a custom Salesforce Health Cloud instance.

Health Cloud offers a 360-degree view of the patient, integrates into existing claims systems, and has the engagement tools necessary to ensure amazing healthcare experiences.

With this, patient information is securely located in one place and can be easily accessed by the entire healthcare ecosystem, allowing our client to deliver compassionate care during life-saving drug trials