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Convergent Dental enjoyed great success with leading-edge dental technology, including the Solea CO2 laser. While their business was growing at a rapid pace, their software systems were not equipped to handle such growth.

Penrod worked with Convergent to pinpoint pain points and workflow inefficiencies. The Penrod team then implemented Field Service Lighting and developed a plan for integrating FSL with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Today, Convergent Dental enjoys a holistic engagement platform that has streamlined workflows and provided a solid foundation for future growth.

Outgrowing Siloed Systems

Convergent Dental anticipated exponential growth in the next 2-3 years. However, their existing service cloud was not scalable and thus not capable of handling such growth. The team needed a system to effectively manage both their current workflow, as well as expanded capabilities and increased workload in the future.

Because the existing systems were not integrated, not all team members had access to the same information, hindering communication. The platform was also unable to handle inventory management, making it difficult for the team to track replacement parts, as well as service and maintenance requirements. Because necessary information was not housed in one easily accessible place, processes were not optimized or streamlined.

In addition, the organization’s scheduling and workforce management application was disconnected and did not integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud. This was a major pain point considering Convergent Dental’s field service technicians travel across the country to install, maintain, and repair dental devices.

This extensive travel to many locations caused an extra level of complexity when managing a field service staff. The Convergent team used a scheduling and workforce management application that was disconnected and functioned entirely separate from Salesforce Sales Cloud. Because the application did not integrate with the existing platform, it created workflow inefficiencies. Also, due to its limited geolocation capabilities, the app did not maximize scheduling efficiency. As a result, field technicians were at times scheduled to travel farther than necessary while available techs were closer, but unable to be scheduled due to the system limitations.

Service call documentation proved to be a very manual process, as well. When onsite, service technicians would require clients verify and sign off on the visits and any work done. Spreadsheets, service reports, and other documentation had to be manually signed, scanned in, and then attached to the proper account. The multi-step process created unnecessary paperwork and increased the risk of data-entry error.

Convergent Dental was growing its business, but outgrowing its current CRM, sales, and scheduling platforms. The platforms were not scalable, not integrated, and offered limited field service scheduling options, so the team needed an effective platform that could grow with them.


Penrod reviewed Convergent Dental’s existing platforms and workflows, pinpointing process strengths and areas for improvement. Next the team discussed Convergent’s future goals and growth strategy. With this holistic view, Penrod and Convergent worked on a plan for using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, as well as replacing their existing scheduling and workforce management platform with Field Service Lightning. Penrod then developed a roadmap for implementing Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning, ensuring that both instances could grow with Convergent’s expanding business while eliminating rework.

Penrod noted that the Field Service Lightning Mobile app was a natural fit because it would allow technicians to check off forms in the app and get client sign-off while onsite, reducing risk of error, paperwork, and time.

Service Cloud Console would allow Convergent’s team members to have a single home screen that they could access throughout their day for answering live calls with clients, online chats, and more. They could quickly find, update and create records, and have a 360-degree view of each account.

With their proposed new Salesforce instance, Convergent would have a system that supported their current needs, but would also have the flexibility to scale with them as they continued to grow their business. In addition, having a more technologically advanced platform would help ensure Convergent could hire a tech-savvy workforce.


By integrating the platform, various Convergent Dental teams – including office and field staff – can now work together effectively because they have instant access to the same information. Service calls and scheduling are more efficient due to greater capabilities. The team also has a technologically advanced platform that can support both its current state and anticipated future growth.

Integrated Data

Having the data in one integrated system has increased efficiency and streamlined processes

Robust Reporting

Convergent staff can easily gather, review, and report on a variety of metrics, allowing them to understand their customers both individually and as a whole.

Mobile Field Service

With Field Service Lightning’s geolocation capabilities, team members can assign field service technicians more efficiently