Our client is a kid’s community hospital that strives to create friendly environments that produce the best possible healthcare outcomes.

In order to ensure local schools were putting kid’s health first, the hospital created a certification program to promote a heart-healthy environment.

Additionally, because they manage the majority of research, design, and manufacturing in-house, it became clear that their existing management processes – relying on complicated arrays of spreadsheets – was not efficient or scalable.


Before Penrod and Formstack, the certification process was completely paper-based, involved several forms, and required in-person visits at each school. Due to the popularity of the program, certification became a complicated undertaking.

Paper-Based Forms
Paper-based forms caused delays and required information to be manually entered into the hospital’s Salesforce system.

Multiple Touch-Points
Because there were several forms, the process was prone to produce inaccurate and outdated data.

In-Person Visits
The certification process required two program coordinators to personally visit schools, creating an unsustainable workload.

A platform built with Formstack

Penrod and the client worked together to envision a centralized platform that would:

  • Replace paper forms with accessible, user-friendly, and web-based forms
  • Provide e-signing capabilities to capture consent quickly
  • Fully integrate the forms with Salesforce so that data would be instantly accessible
  • Automate alerts that notify schools when certification is about to expire

Formstack for Salesforce enabled digital forms managed within Salesforce. This both removed the typical error-prone processes with building manual forms and provided the customer with a scalable, adaptable solution as their needs evolved.

Additionally, Penrod configured a report to capture information before certifications expire and notify the team. Any records meeting expiration criteria could be automatically followed up with to re-certify.