Quick & High Market Conversion Rate Launchpad

We developed a unified Salesforce application for an HR-SaaS Startup that includes a Sales Platform with excellent Prospects to Lead ratio, Sales CLM with customer onboarding, license provisioning, and Service App Delivered.

Lead Generation

We launched Social Media Campaigns using Clearbit & Marketing cloud pilot, followed by a Sales Cloud implementation, Marketing Cloud Connect, and Mobile Connect to achieve a high conversion rate from prospectto a qualified lead.

Opportunity Conversion using Zoom for Salesforce with Contract Management and Upsell

Customer Onboarding Help, License Management Service Application

Key Sales Drivers

Business DriversBusiness ProcessesSolution
Build a Strong PipelineLead GenerationSalesforce Marketing Cloud with
ClearbitChannel Integration
Automated Lead Capture &
Assess value of Lead
and Conversion ratio
Lead Qualification
Lead Conversion
Lead Scoring & Routing
Lead Prioritization
Lead Conversion Metrics
Alerts and Monitoring
Manage the FunnelSales Methodology
Visibility of Sales Forecasts
Opportunity Management
Opportunity Conversion
Revenue Visibility
Forecasting and Dashboards
Improve Sales Rep
Activity Management
Interaction History
Drive More BusinessDemand Generation
Upsell – Cross sell
Campaign Management
Align Sales & MarketingOffers and Promotions
Sales Collateral
Up-to-date info packs
Ongoing Communications

Solution Highlights

Marketing Cloud implementation

  • Email based lead onboarding journeys, created in Journey Builder, to manage and engage with leads and drive them towards converting into an opportunity
  • Channel integration with ClearBit
  • Social Campaigns with high conversion rate from prospect to qualified lead

Sales CRM implementation

  • Zoom CTI Integration
  • Configured Salesforce CPQ quoting engine
  • Enable DocuSign CLM
  • Lead Conversion and Opportunity Life Cycle Implementation
  • Custom Customer Onboarding application

Service implementation

  • Implemented Experience cloud for Customers
  • Developed Custom License Management application
  • Feedback survey integration